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Reading a Triple Beam Balance

Students identify the parts of a triple beam balance and practice measuring the mass of objects.
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10/28/2009 Having to help a child with homework, I knew nothing about Triple Balance Beams. After using this tutorial I am confident that I can correctly calculate the mass of an object within.1 grams. Thank you so much!

10/22/2009 great

9/10/2009 I love this app to teach students how to use the triple beam balance. Great. I cant get to a lab so this is perfect

7/13/2009 I liked the activity but the only downfall was that you could bearly read the 1 grams since the lines were so small. It took me so long to try to figure out what number it was because the game kept telling me that it was wrong, so i just skipped it and went to the next measurement

10/30/2008 This was a great site!! Thank you for your help!!

10/25/2008 This is a great interactive site i will definitely use and recommend it to my colleagues. My one recommendation would be to enlarge the beams for easier reading when doing the activity.

10/7/2008 i loved the user-friendliness and it was very informative and fun! Great!

9/3/2008 What a great tool. It was a good refresher and very user friendly.

8/22/2008 hey you should check out this it is so cool!!!!!!

4/16/2008 This was a cool site. I think it was a bit tricky to read the 1g bar though. Other than that i think it was excellent!

12/15/2007 I was very happy with the drill. I was assisting a student with preparing for mid-year and she needed extra practice with reading triple beams. This really help a lot!!

11/25/2007 outstanding teaching tool

10/9/2007 Excellent! This will be very useful for introducing the triple beam to my students (5th grade). I have a smart board, I can project the pages for all to see.

10/23/2006 This is a simple and effective way to teach the triple beam balance, especially because is focuses on he need to add all three beam readings. Students have a difficult time understanding that you have to do simple addition to get the answer. Thanks for the program

9/14/2006 I thought this website was great. it was really good to click on stuff insted of just reading information. it was like a hands on experiment on the computer. Thanks for helping me study for a test!

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