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Lewis Dot Structures of Covalent Compounds

In this interactive and animated object, students distribute the valence electrons in simple covalent molecules with one central atom. Six rules are followed to show the bonding and nonbonding electrons in Lewis dot structures. The process is well illustrated with eight worked examples and two interactive practice problems.
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11/6/2013 Thank you so much!!! This helped a lot!!! I was really stuggling with covalent bonding and lewis dot diagrams, but after Wisc-online helped me out, i feel like i am ready to accomplish anything!!! hahah lol Hopefully i can pursue my dream of being a professional chemist. Once again, Thank you so much <3 :) - Lynsey Garfinkel Lynsey Garfinkel

1/8/2012 GREAT!! Learned more going through this then in my classroom for 2 days, it actually made sense! Maggie S

10/20/2011 Thank you! very easy to understand.. I my self am a student... it helped me so much! Great site!! Randy Rivas

10/2/2009 yay!

5/31/2009 Very comprehensive, easy to follow and perfect for a quick reference during my studies. Excellent follow through with my text book. I was a little apprehensive at first because outlines, summaries and examples in some text books are not as easy to follow along, but I will applaud the authors of this material, as I am very comfortable and confident that this is a perfect learning curve for all chemistry beginners. Once again, I extend my heart felt thank you for making this a lot easier to follow along and understand the basic principles of this practicum.

3/4/2009 This was extremely helpful to me and the fact that I am being tested on this tomorrow and having no clue what I was doing is even greater! My chem teacher is a good teacher but his way of teaching this was hard for me to understand. This actually put it into a perspective I could comprehend. So, all I can say is, THANKS so much.

3/1/2009 Thank you for making this It is very thorough and well-made. It makes the dot structures easy to understand, repeating concepts previously introduced in a step by step process This was a life-saver. Its really helpful. Five stars.

9/29/2008 Thank you! Thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! Thank you! This has helped me soooooooooooo much. What a life saver. I was so frustrated about not understanding the lewis Dot structures. I read the chapter over, and over, and over again but it was not sinking in. It almost felt as though the book was missing a step. I was very frustrated to the point of tears. And since I am taking my Chemistry course online, I dont have the benefit of classroom Q & A. Therefore,I turned to the internet. After browsing through countless of useless instructions, I somehow found this page. And the step, by step, and flash instructions are beyond amazing! The way the instructions are broken down are extremely user friendly, and very, very easy to understand. Thank you so much. NOW I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE LEWIS DOT STRUCTURES. I am not dumb after all. I can actually move on to the next chapter without feeling lost and frustrated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Emma

6/14/2008 Thank you so much for posting this! Helped me a lot for my Chem exam!!

12/16/2007 thank you sooo much! helped me out with my physical science class. thank the lord for the internet.

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