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Mole Ratios in Chemical Equations


Learners use the coefficients in a balanced equation to develop the mole ratios of reactants and products involved in the reaction. Five interactive examples illustrate the method, and students test their knowledge by working four problems.
Author(s): Dr. Martin McClinton
Debbie McClinton
Dr. Miriam Douglass

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1/25/2009 I am a student, and was having trouble in this particular area. I used a search engine to find this, and it helped me out immensely. This was easy to follow, told whether I was wrong or right, and showed me what to do in most cases. This only took me 10-15 minutes but refreshed my memory and I believe Im capable of accomplishing my assignment.

12/17/2008 This review really helped me. My teacher has been trying to teach this for about a month now and I just got it! Thank you

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