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Oxidation Numbers

Learners assign oxidation numbers to atoms in neutral compounds and in polyatomic ions. Six examples are worked through in detail, and three problems are provided.
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10/30/2009 I have looked at 5 websites today to try an learn oxidation states for a test next week. this is the only one that was not over my head and caused me to grasp the concept in an easy way. thnks

10/23/2009 I only have this to say "THIS WAS GREAT!"

5/17/2009 This was spectacular, nothing in the text book could have given me such an amazing abundance of knowledge. I will recommend this to everybody in my class. Bravo and i hope to see more like this

4/23/2009 Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Textbooks dont do justice to mathematical processes such as this, because they are not static processes. Please make more of these. Jason Massey

2/18/2009 I highly recommend this to anyone who needs help with oxidation numbers. It was very clear and great explanations. The visuals really helped get the points across and allows you to visually see what is going on. The "quizzing" at the end was great as well!

10/14/2008 Im a visual learner and this has definetly done it for me!! thank so much!!

10/3/2008 Great tutorial!

8/7/2008 AMAZING!!!

3/11/2008 I just want to thank whoever authored this. It was a great, easy and fun, interactive way to learn a concept that had evaded me. I dont know why more learning cant be interactive in this way.

1/21/2008 This really helped me learn this material! I came to this site out of frustration after hours of trying to learn these rules out of a textbook.I recommend this interactive to everyone.

11/5/2007 so helpful - a life saver!!!

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