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Macroscale vs. Nanoscale


In this colorful, interactive object, learners examine how materials on the nanoscale compare with those on the macroscale. The focus is on the difference between macroscale and nanoscale gold in both color and melting point.
Author(s): Karen Nordell

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10/15/2005 I accidently clicked the incorrect star and I was unable to retract what was recorded. I thought that this was 4 stars!

10/12/2005 There was a problem viewing the questions in Firefox. I get the first sentence and then "What do you think?" and the Yes No buttons. Nothing to answer "yes" "no" to.

10/11/2005 Karen, Nice job. Great graphics. Great way to help the novice understand that properties can be the same and different depending upon the scale being considered. Glad you are continuing to be aboard with us on the nano quest!

10/11/2005 i felt that this learning object could have been made more interesting by having some sound effects, colourful pictures , lots of examples and ofcourse a little detailed information regarding the macroscale and nanoscale

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