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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Exercise

This activity can be done individually or in teams. Using the given sample Maslow Hierarchy list, the student(s) must choose which need is taking precedence and which is being sacrificed in each situation.
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2/10/2008 Eye opening. Thanks

8/16/2004 I enjoyed the learning object slides.

10/20/2003 These exercises are great way to understand and learn various levels of human needs. I greatly like these exercises and would highly recommend to my friends.

10/19/2003 I found this exercise very helpful in identifying the different levels of the human needs based on Maslows human needs pyramid. It is a great learning exercise. Thanks

9/9/2003 This learning object came easy for me! We as nurses will use this in everday tasks, such as care plans etc. I have already taken growth and development and Maslow also played a part in the intro to psycology course as well as Erik Erickson, whom is another theorist to become familiar with. This learning module will get you thinking!!

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