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The Structural-Functional Theoretical Approach

In this interactive object, learners view a mind map of the structural-functional Approaches and quiz themselves about the manifest and latent functions and the dysfunctions of social patterns.
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10/29/2008 I found this activity to be very helpful for the paper I am writing for my sociology class.

1/14/2008 I found this exercise to be challenging at first but extremely helpful in the end.

8/31/2005 A very helpfull tool. Thank you, Jeff K

1/29/2005 I like this that I can review and have a better understanding of what I am learning in class

1/23/2005 I found this site to be fun and a great review of the chapter we are covering.

1/10/2005 I thought this was a very helpful activity!

9/4/2004 I think this a nice way to understand the functions.

8/31/2004 This was a good learning tool.

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