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A Theoretical Analysis of Family

In this interactive object, learners examine the structural-functional, social-conflict, and symbolic interaction analyses of family. A mind map and quiz questions are included.
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1/10/2005 I liked this LO, especially the incorporation of the mindmap. I dont know anything about sociology, but I was intrigued by the exercise and felt challenged to see how well I could do on the quiz. Feedback on the quiz was adequate and I liked the superimposed listing of my answers to the open ended question on the mindmap, allowing me to easily compare them to the correct answers on the map. One negative (from my perspective): when I tried to print the mindmap, I was unable to supress the background image, which overwhelmed the map (did not print transparent as it appears in the LO. Otherwise, terrific, useful format. Lane-Grann-Stahl Central Piedmont Community College Charlotte, NC

12/14/2004 I thought that there was very good information outlined in this activity. The activity pin-pointed the key factors from each paradigm. Having questions throughout the activity was also good.

12/11/2004 Did the review and enjoyed it!

12/8/2004 This learning object was helpful by seeing examples of structural-functional, social-conflict, and symbolic analysis. It was easier to understand the concepts by seeing each part broken done in a flow chart.

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