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Writing Effective Goals for Employee Motivation

Learners read a description of effective goal statements. In an interactive exercise, they identify the elements that are missing from proposed goal statements and practice writing effective statements.
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1/13/2007 Since I am not involved in customer service or management, what is presented here regarding goal setting is of little value or interest to me!

1/9/2007 This is a concise, thoughtful and enjoyable way of making a clear presentation of the goal-setting process. It has just the right amount of inter-active features. I recommend it for students at the college level,

4/27/2006 I think this a great model for motivational growth. It shows efforts building heights. Collectively, the group is excelling to climb the top of the mountain. Male and female are both completing tasks showing all is attainable with equal efforts that benefit the work environment.

2/19/2005 Reviewing these slides were very beneficial in helping me write my goals. The information offered was very clear and easy to understand.

10/25/2004 It made you see which way was the right way to write a goal.

6/25/2004 The goal setting section was concise and informative. I learned the steps to effective goal setting were to include and infinitive, action verb, specific measurable result with a target date. This tool will be very helpful in my office setting as well as in my personal life. Already I see several ways to utilize this in my office for supervising my staff. In the past many of my goals were set without a specific measurable result.

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