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Helpful Microbes in Your Daily Life

Learners read how microbes in such items as yogurt, bread, insulin, and insect sprays improve our lives.
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8/23/2008 I had no idea that bacteria are so involved in our daily lives. I especially like the red highlighted words which show you how bacteria is involved in that product or food. Ive learned so much, microbes are really interesting.

3/11/2008 This is a very valuable learning tool and i really appreciated having it during a class project =]

1/6/2008 Thank you for making this flash. It really helped me get passed where I was stuck on my microbiology paper! The only thing I would suggest is that when you rollover the words and the box comes up, make it so that you can move your mouse so the words can be read. But other than that small detail, this was easy to understand and very helpful! Thanks!

4/7/2005 interesting that we actually consume some bacteria

2/26/2005 I never knew that drain cleaners worked from the use of bacteria.

2/25/2005 its interesting how some bacteria is ok for you to eat.

2/24/2005 Interesting to find out how many microbes are in our every day lives

2/24/2005 Very interesting.

11/5/2004 I never thought of it that way. Interesting.

9/24/2004 I never realized what we consume and what is in the environment. Until you see it all in front of you.

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