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Positions Used in Medical Examinations

In this interactive object, students view the various positions used during medical examinations. They then match the names of the positions with the correct images and with their descriptions.
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3/19/2012 This lesson really helped in a better understanding for the reasons behind the various positions used in examinations. Keep up the good work. Molly Gutierrez

7/28/2011 I have to give this little exercise a two thumbs UP!! I love learning this way. We need more! Thank you, this really helped! shari sandberg

9/13/2009 I loved this exercise...its so much fun and learning at the same time.

2/18/2005 This was a good review. some were easy and others were hard!

1/12/2005 I have reviewed (and printed for future reference) the various positions used during medical examinations.

1/11/2005 It was fun.

1/10/2005 I think this one really helped.

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