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Sine Bar


In this animated activity, students study how a sine bar is used to measure angles.
Author(s): Barbara Anderegg

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4/14/2012 Thanks to the author for s imple and necessary information for working professionals. Info on Sine center and Compound Sine table would have made this presentation Complete. Sengottuvelavan T P

11/13/2009 I love this application. It makes it easy to understand the Sinebar. However, it would be more advantageous if there was an option to view the mathematical principles behind the Sinebar(the derrivations). Thank you.

8/12/2008 It is very interesting animation.Somehow it can be improved by adding more sample of calculation and the application in industry. nur hayati mohd yahya

7/9/2008 We actually found this tool in a rarely used drawer, was wondering how you use it. Very detailed instructions. Thank You

11/17/2005 I never knew learning could be so easy and fun. The high speed low drag graphics really helped me to better understand sine bars. If only there could be a tutorial for my wife on house cleaning.

4/25/2005 Wow. I could have understood geometry so much better with this type of teaching. I actually now understand what a Sine bar is & 35,45, 60, & 90 degree angles. Who would have ever guessed?

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