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How to Read a Caliper

In this interactive object, learners review how to read a caliper. They then test their skills with eight practice questions.
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1/27/2011 Great job! - Love the repetition. Karen Riethmiller

10/16/2009 That was great guys and very helpful! Thanks very much for constructing this tutorial.

4/10/2009 interview forgot how to read them helped out alot calipers cannt remember how to read mics and veneriers instruction didnt help much Thanks

1/28/2009 this was very informative john hodge

11/12/2008 Thanks alot Iam taking a CNC machine class and you guys helped me to understand the Caliper Thanks so much

11/3/2008 Excellent training tool! Very well done. Perhaps, though, some terminologyregarding the various parts of the caliper would be useful so students are versed in the nomenclature and can better respond to future suggestions by their instructor. But it probably really isnt necessary. Thanks for the great job! Carey Kalupson

10/26/2008 EXCELLENT! Very helpful tutorial and test. I thank you very much for helping me understand what was formally a mystery.

9/16/2008 I thank you very much for this tutorial. I was intimidated at how to read a caliper and your lesson was very easy and made me feel like a fool for not knowing how to read one. This is the only requirement I didnt have for a job I was just hired for. Now I can go in there feeling more confident. Thank You!!!!

8/1/2008 I never could read a caliper before. This made it so easy! And the test helped, too. Thank you.

5/28/2008 Great tool for students...answers are all correct and easy to use.

5/7/2008 Awesome job explaining. So simple.

4/7/2008 Great Training, easy to use.

1/9/2008 This activity has been updated, it now will check the answers correctly. 12-1-2007 Wisc-Online Team

10/20/2007 the answers are wrong which could really screw up somebody who doesnt know. I was looking for something to help out a friend but when you put in the correct answer it is telling you that its wrong and giving you an answer from the previous one.

10/17/2007 Im not sure but if the readings on the dial are at .001 shouldnt the answer be 5.621 for the first problem

10/14/2007 This pos answer check does not work. Im using slackware/firefox 2

9/25/2007 How to raed a dial caliper. The answers are not in the right sequence with the review questions. You can put in the correct answer and when you check the answer it states the answer is wrong. Not good for a student trying to learn! Other wise graet training material and site. Thomas Maples

9/22/2007 This is an excellent learning tool. Very good graphics. There is one problem that I encountered though. When doing the 8 self test pages,even though I entered the correct caliper readings, it told me they were incorrect. I am a machinist for a large manufacturer and I work with a caliper constantly every day, so I am positive my entries were correct. I Thank you.

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