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Reading a Micrometer

The student learns how to read a micrometer.
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6/15/2010 Thank you for all the lesons.Math was my worst subject in school.Now as a practicing locksmith i am learning how to use these lessons to measure all sorts of equipment. Robert Parris

12/16/2009 Brilliant learning tool

11/17/2009 Clear, understandable, good practice, well presented. Thank you

10/10/2009 i bought this micrometer to make measurements during the reloading process of gun cartridges. i thought it would be easy to use. au- contrair. i did the only thing a baffled youmg american boy could do. i googled "reading a micrometer". this lesson came up, and removed the mystery! thank you very much

11/24/2008 this module os vary good and i think that a lot of mechanics need to know how to do this.

11/6/2008 Im taking the ASVAB soon for the USAF and will be tested on this; now I am confidently prepared. Thank you

11/3/2008 As an Ag Mechanics instructor, I have struggled with this for a long time. I did develop a powerpoint slide show that worked pretty well, but the animation to this is far superior. Thank you very much for your efforts! My students will appreciate this (I hope-they are in high school after all!) Carey Kalupson

10/23/2008 thanx alot i had such a hard time with this micrometer and this animation made things click now i understand how to use one thank you very much...ash

10/20/2008 Excellent! I thought of money the moment I started to open this link

8/28/2008 With reading the Micrometer, It was great the way they showed how you can esely do it. like Dollers pennes. It is easy to learn Micrometers Paul Duffy

7/25/2008 This is a very good tutor program for learning or reviewing the inch micrometer!

12/26/2007 very^1000000000000000000 good

9/6/2007 Good site for micrometer explanation and practice Bob Campbell

1/19/2007 What a great presentation! I have been involved in CBT programs and this is one of the best presentations I have seen - Great Job!!

2/14/2006 I am a first year CTE Instuctor at St.Helens High School(Oregon) Teaching Manufacturing and I find your sight to be an outstanding resourse. Thanks,Rory Lewno Rory Lewno

9/15/2005 I used this software to work with my first year Machine Tool class on how to read a micrometer. They really enjoyed the power point and I feel it did help them to become more efficient at this skill. Thank you Mike

3/14/2005 This learning object is wonderful for our new employees or for employees who have never used a micrometer before. It is a great first step to understanding micrometer measurement.

10/14/2004 Excellent, I also use the quarters and dollars to teach micrometers works great. Great graphics. What about Metric? We (in New Brunswick CA0 have to use it also. Again thanks.

10/8/2004 With one time looking at your animation, I was able to learn how to read a micrometer and explain it to my son. He whipped through his test!!! Thanks Nolan

10/6/2004 A very well done unit. How much work would it take to adapt the flash program to an imperial measured vernier scale micrometer and make it work with the metric unit and a depth micrometer as well My only concern is with the expression of the readings without atleast the place holder in front of the decimal. We teach that the number before the decimal is just as important as the numbers after because it shows that the person reading the mike did not just forget the micrometer range by mistake. We mark the answer wrong on a quiz if the minumum of the range is not shown before the decimal. very well done. Gene

9/1/2004 Excellent work! I will refer my agricultural mechanics students to this site!

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