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The Cell Membrane and Nanotechnology

In this animated activity, learners examine nanotechnology applications that are based on cell membrane structure and function.
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8/24/2009 This learning activity was excellent!! I loved watching the movements and interactions of the cells and components. Makes it all seem so simple.

8/11/2008 too much print! not as interactive as its predecessor the cell membrane constructor. Do something a textbook doesnt. Carolyn Rutter

11/15/2007 this website is BRILLIANT!!

6/14/2007 An exelent animation for cell membrane combined with the recent concept of nanotechnology applications

10/4/2006 you have made my life so much easier. This is a wonderful learning experience/thank you

6/10/2006 Excellent learning tool!I clicked the wrong star to rate.

8/12/2005 Nice job! Thanks for integrating these concepts. Biologicals and nano can and are being integrated. Scary and with great potential. We can use this LO!!!!

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