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Fluid and Electrolytes

In this animated object, learners examine the structure and function of intracellular and extracellular fluid. They also read about the most common electrolytes in the body and complete a matching exercise to test their knowledge.
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12/31/2011 Thanks for this nice animation. I could learn easily. negar mlzd

11/19/2009 Animation is real good! I could understand what I did not pick up in class. Please continue teaching through animations! BRAVO!

10/19/2009 Great tool for easy & visual learning

6/17/2009 loved the simple easy edu thank you

1/25/2009 Very, very helpful

10/6/2008 This was very helpful I,m find this subjectto be very complex ,but this really took the edge off thank you

6/21/2008 i love pictures,thanks for making the information fun.

6/14/2008 this review was very informative and creative

2/16/2008 thank you v.much for having this material, this is of great help for me understanding how fluid and electrolytes works in our system.

10/12/2007 thanks, it helped me review for my test!

10/9/2007 i never understand before,even my medical college,thanks for your help,now i understand about fluid and electrolyte,iwill do well in my medical board.send me like this cme ,i can learn more and research more in medical science Sincerely, from:-Dr david

5/4/2007 hi, Im rita ramos , professor from University of the Philippines- College of Nursing.I am teaching also the concepts of fluids and electrolytes. I find it simple ,concise and helpful for the students

1/25/2007 I loved the simplified concepts and the clear visuals!! I would like to see more of this for sure.

1/7/2007 Thanks so much for the hands on visual, I will use this for reinforcement and self testing-- please let me know if there are any other learning activities as I am teaching anatomy to the LPN student. Thanks so much. rp rosemary perini

12/15/2006 I found this fun and easy to follow. I am a Nursing Student and welcome any help with understanding this material. This made the "mud" a little clearer. Thank you.

12/12/2006 This was very easy to understand. I found it essential.

11/17/2006 Great!It really helps a lot! Im hoping to view more visuals from this topic. Thanx :-)

10/15/2006 This was very helpful. I am a visual leraner and this really help me understand.

8/15/2006 Gives a visual definition to words that confuse students. Would make a good classroom lecture tool.

7/15/2006 Very well done and creative making it fun to learn. Thanks.

4/13/2006 very simple and informative

4/10/2006 Fantastic site to start one of the most difficult subject in medical studies...

1/11/2006 Easy to use web tutorial Dana McNeeley

1/1/2006 A Great learning experience! Brief and concise!

9/21/2005 this was a good sourse of info, i believe it shoud however, be a bit longer and more in depth so that students like myself could you it along with other info to study for exams ..thanks

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