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Chain of Infection

In this interactive object, learners identify nursing actions that help to prevent the spread of infection.
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8/14/2009 this a good website it has helped me alot now i can understad a lot more bout this stuff i have alway had a hard time learning things like this but with this it is so much easier

8/12/2009 This is a wonderful tool for helping my Medical Assistants with understanding the Chain of Command.

6/10/2009 Great study material to help understand the chain of infection.

2/1/2009 excellent learning materials, fun and easy to learn. Thanks for making these wonderful website!

1/21/2009 I really enjoyed this activity. It gave me a lot of vital information and I was inspired by the little quiz at the end, it recapped what I had just read.

11/3/2008 This is an excellent review of infection control. Thank you.

7/25/2008 I am teaching these concepts in a high school setting and feel that this is a great review activity...fun and educational. Keep up the good work!

6/23/2008 love the sound bite & the presentation. I have to do some basic training with non-nursing who will assist in feeding residents and I needed something simple about the chain of infection. Thanks!

6/16/2008 Excellent since I am studying infection control as a student EEN, I enjoyed and learnt in a fun way.


3/6/2008 this is an excellent activity to review the taught consepts of chain of infection

10/29/2007 This was very helpful to me; well simplified and easier to understand.

10/10/2007 I Love it. Very student friendly and just awesome! Why not a one more thing to make things easy for us. This was defineteli it! Hopefully more people can do it this way. I gave it a five star cause they had no where to give a perfect ten ):

9/20/2007 i like the explanation

9/2/2007 It was awesome.

6/3/2007 Wow...its great.....make it easier to understand the basic concept.

3/19/2007 Very iformative!

1/8/2007 this is a very good tool. (MADE AN ERROR AND HIT ONE STAR BUT I RATE IT A 3 STAR)

12/31/2006 Great to view. Good information. Clear and straight forward. An easy way to learn and understand a very important topic

9/21/2006 Great program. Good application of everyday nursing to theory. thanks, Maureen maureen gohde

4/22/2006 This is a grest way to learn with out the hassle of studying

9/22/2005 this was a fun learning tool that assisted me with my understanding of the chain of infection.

3/10/2005 This is an excellent application of knowledge learned. Outstanding graphics.

1/24/2005 Great way to learn about Bloodborne Pathogens!!!

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