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Cardiac Checkup Puzzle

Learners review common terms associated with cardiovascular anatomy and physiology by working a crossword puzzle. Immediate feedback is provided after each term.
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2/24/2007 Very challengeing and very helpful!!

2/22/2007 hI, YOur site was recomended by my instructor, for study aid. I like the idea very much and the work is great, however, the puzzle appears too small on the screen and I had hard time reading the questions even though I tried to magnify it. I wear bifocal glasses and you can imagine the difficulty it presents for poeple withvision problems. would you please advise as if there is any other ways to make this screen more readable. The puzzle itself is great and I admire the work you have done towrds the improvement of science.

4/26/2006 Excellent -kudos to you. Had trouble doing stars but this is a great learning tool.

5/21/2005 This is really excellent. I plan to use it in my med-surg class. Thomas Worms

3/15/2005 This was a very informative review. I learned some new terms and reviewed some old terms. It was very insightful and fun at the same time.

3/8/2005 Great...VERY difficult.

12/15/2004 I love this crossword puzzle!

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