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Antihypertensive Drugs

In this interactive object, learners sort antihypertensive medications into categories. Descriptions are provided.
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3/9/2008 New guidelines for HTN are appeared recently. The BHS and NICE guidelines say ACEIs ,ARBs,diuretics and CCBs are the first line, while BBS went back to the fourth. The european guideline changed the position of BBs to better positions. New studies added new indications to some of antihypertensives especialy beyond blood pressure control.

5/2/2006 Great information and very impressive. My colleagues and I enjoy viewing and planning to link to our lecture.

4/23/2005 I had difficulty with the CCBs and the sympatholitics. Could not find your classifications in my drug book or pharmacology text. Otherwise, it was an interesting website. Lynda

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