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The Perception Process

The learner will read a mini-lecture defining perception and the elements of the perception process.
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4/15/2009 This is very outstanding and helpful especially for a student like me....i hopeand looking forward for more of these kinds of notes...Thank you so much

4/15/2009 ya its an excellent and outstanding ....but are limited....means more should be provided

4/15/2009 ya its nice and excellent

10/10/2008 Recommendet, but where is the fourth stage Personal meaning and intentions? Thanks, Daniel UmeƄ business school of sweden

1/23/2005 I think this was a great way for understanding and communication. Very interesting and easy to learn.

11/11/2004 In this Learning Object, the learner reads a mini-lecture definging perception and the elements of the perception process. English Language Arts B. 8.2, D. 8.1, D 12.1, D. 12.2 Family and Consumer Education E. 8.1, B. 8.2, C. 8.1, C. 12.1 Information Technology Literacy: A.8.1, A.8.2, B. 8.3, B. 8.6, C. 8.2, C.8.3, A.12.1, B.12.3

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