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The Human Heart and the Cardiovascular System

In this animated and interactive object, learners identify the parts of the cardiovascular system and examine blood flow.
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8/23/2007 Its really clear.it helped me a lot more than i learned in the school.it will be awsome if we have same models for other systems.

6/23/2007 This program is awesome. I would love to be able to use it in our critical care internship program.

1/4/2007 I loved this activity slideshow! It made reviewing so simple! And I could review the animations as many times as I wanted to. I highly recommend this learning tool. -Student Nurse

9/12/2006 very nice! this is only the first time that i saw a very realistic, concised explaination of the heart. very specific regarding on the parts! good work guys! this is very amazing! ^_^

4/27/2005 I found this to be an excellent learning tool. Thanks, Susan McNeely

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