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Bloom's Taxonomy For Cognitive Learning and Teaching

The users of this learning object read a brief introduction to the six levels of Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and quiz themselves on a basic understanding of the levels.
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3/21/2009 This writer agrees with the view points of Blooms Taxonogy. The steps touched all the aspects of critical thinking and I will utilize in my everyday life.

1/22/2008 A wonderful animated view of a document I have long used. The stairstep model, developed by Susan Kennedy at Penn State has always been a visual favorite of faculty who really begin to see the connection between the lower end (knowledge) and the higher end (evaluation). Faculty who teach the Knowledge now can see that they have to build in assignments to LEAD the students up the steps; not merely jumping directly to evaluation (through exams and quizzes). Joan McMahon

1/13/2007 I think that learning object is really good.

2/7/2005 It was easy enough, once I figured out the brain work

11/29/2004 This is a great lesson on Blooms Taxonomy. The practice exercise provides a great review.

11/2/2004 Really good page to go through with people.

10/24/2004 That was a difficult one for me...but good and informational..

8/7/2004 This is an exceptional resource and a great presentation of the basics of Blooms taxonomy.

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