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Bloom's Taxonomy for Psychomotor Learning and Teaching

Learners read about the six levels of the psychomotor domain taxonomy and quiz themselves on a basic understanding of the content.
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6/3/2004 Need more training on taxonomy competencies. This site is great for advance and beginner teachers. I did enjoy the test.

4/29/2004 A terrific site!Thanks, Dr. Shutrump for sharing this site with the class. I truly enjoyed moving up the steps as I read the six definitions. Reflex, fundamental movement,,physical abilities, skilled movements,percecetual abilities, and non-discursive communication. I particularly had fun with perceptual abilities, and non-discursive communication. Once again, thank Dr. G. for stimulating our brain. Muchas gracias

4/29/2004 The Blooms taxonomy for psychomotor learning and teaching, is another excellent site for review.

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