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Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans, c=0

In this interactive object, learners read about sampling plans and practice using a sampling table.
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1/5/2010 Very well explained - Brilliant! Lisa Campbell

3/6/2009 So easy to understand. Thank you.

1/22/2009 Thank you for taking the time to put this in a manner that is so easy to understand! Other materials I have seen are WAY too technical. Thank You!

1/14/2009 Excellent simple review of C=O sampling for attributes. I have a statistical background, but this is good for anyone. Great job!

12/2/2008 ASQ Sr. Quality Engineer finding this straightforward presentation with practice application to be extremely useful, even for someone familiar with this sampling plan technique. Job well done!

2/8/2008 I was looking this kind of information and at last i found it.

1/12/2008 Thank you very much for presenting this site such a brilliant way!!!

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