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Transistor Fundamentals: Voltage-Divider Biased NPN Transistor

Students view drawings of the dc analysis of a voltage-divider biased NPN transistor.
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3/21/2011 By far the Best show and tell for this circuit configuration. I was able to learn more from this in 10 min then I did from 1.5 hr lecture. :( Many Thanks!!! Vadim Ilin

12/4/2010 Thanks for the presentation, gave me a better understanding in different types of biasing. Also helped me throughout my assignment so that to choose my best biasing circuit !! Thanks and keep it up :) Kurt Borg

10/6/2009 one of the best tutorials on the internet. really helped me understand lots of stuff i missed out in class.... definitely worth a reading...

8/30/2009 This basic example is very good educational material Need to develop covering more topics

8/27/2009 very good,thank you ! kiko zeka

2/23/2009 this was a great, it took me through this type of problem step by step... awesome slides, thanks!

2/10/2008 Great demo Ed Henry CaƱeda

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