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Active Region Operation of a Transistor


Learners view the operation of an NPN transistor in the active region.
Author(s): Terry Bartelt

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See more in Electronics - Solid State

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6/6/2012 so nice it is the best for what i m searching. thanks! yash shailesh

5/26/2010 actually i tried a lot of sites like this but this site is truly amazing............just awesome keep this work ....... prashant pitroda

10/7/2008 it was amazing explanation.i am not seen this type of clarity anywhere.graphical and effects are realy nice to see. all can understand easily.thanks for your effort and i request you to post similer explanation for all electronic components and testing too.

8/30/2008 this is wonderful combination of graphical and textual explanation of BJT regions.it really helped me in explaining my students this fundamental concept thank you so much

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