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What Is a Radian?

This learning object is a graphical depiction of a radian for angular measurement.
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2/1/2009 Im a sophomore Computer Science major, and I am currently taking my very first lessons in C++. I was asked to write a program that would calculate an angle entered in radians, then display the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angle. This program refreshed my memory of the concept of radians. Simply excellent!

11/19/2008 Thank you for that great illustration and animation of a radian. Im a visual learner, and it was PERFECT!

6/4/2008 this was very helpful especially the end where we had to find the answeres, but i think it could be more interesting.

5/12/2008 This website is what our entire culture will be like in the future when society is truly and educational and deschooled (read Ivan Illich) one, straight talk free and available to the public, instead of academia building walls around information. How many thousands of dollars would I have had to give a bank to get a school to tell me, pretending theres no other way, what this site alone has taught me? Many thanks.

1/21/2007 Wow, this helped a LOT. Other books and tutorials make everything so complicated. Thanks!

4/25/2006 I have a horrible calculus professor right now and he tried to explain the concept of what a radian actually is but, I didnt get it. Your website really helped me understand the concept. Thanks!

3/22/2006 I love this lesson! Here is why: I was observing an Engineering Physics class when a student raised his hand and asked, "If we already have degrees, why did they have to make up this system of radians?"

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