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Subtracting Mixed Number Fractions with Borrowing

Students review examples of borrowing with mixed number fractions using the concept of borrowing the whole number 1. They then complete four practice problems.
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12/19/2011 wow. i love it,. this is helping me with my accounting class, and chemestry a lot. i totally love it now because this is so easy to understand and follow up thanks for created this amazing web :) jarolin romero

12/5/2009 Finally a program that makes sense!! Good job!!

12/2/2009 Wow, this site is GREAT! I love it. Its very clear and easy to understand. I recommend this site to anyone whos struggling with Math. Among all the sites Ive googled, this is the only effective one that really helped me, thankyou!

12/1/2009 Thank you!!! I am a teacher of language arts and science, but was helping my 5th grade daughter with her math. Your site is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Thanks again!! She understands this perfectly now!

12/1/2009 this little excersice really worked.i will be taking a benchmark tomorrow and i didnt know how to subtract mixed numbers.now i know how to subtract.thnx this is good.i love it.....

7/3/2009 thank u i didnt get it untill now

6/1/2009 I am taking an online business math class. The introduction portion is a review for those of us who have forgotten how to do some of the basics. My textbook just wasnt helping. This site was perfect for what I needed to learn. Wow! Thanks so much!

5/10/2009 This was so easy. It really helped me understand what was going on.

5/7/2009 Excellent explanation. Easy to follow

5/6/2009 i thought that this really helped!!! thank you so much! bethany wood

4/28/2009 I love how the boxes flash to let you know what to think about! My 6th grade students loved it. Thanks Trinidad Gonzales Gonzales

4/7/2009 LOVED this activity. It really helped explain to our class how to borrow with fractions. Peace out!

3/23/2009 Wonderful! Thank you. Margaret Tharpe

3/13/2009 I am a parent of an honor student but this year math has been a weak subject and this program helped her to get a 100 on subtracting with borrowing. Thanks

3/1/2009 this realy helped me!!!

2/25/2009 I think this website is really helpful and awesome to me and my hard math homework!

2/19/2009 thank you so much!!!it was really helpful...its also free...becaus ei went ot this site and they said i have to pay first before they give me the answer and tell me how to do it...thank God i got to this site forst...thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!

2/5/2009 I loved the way this program was set up and it will get me an easy 100 but i think you should also have problems that have different denominators while subtracting the mixed numbers.

2/4/2009 I teach 3rd grade and was tutoring a 5th grader. I had not worked mixed fractions in 40 years. This website answered the students questions and certainly helped me. Great Lesson!!!!!!!!!!

1/8/2009 Thank-you for the very simple, but effective tutorial. The 4 examples at the end of the tutorial were very helpful. Jan Shaver

12/16/2008 O My gosh!!! THis helped me so much! See I have a teacher who gos soooo fast and so i typed in on google what i needed help on and bam this just came up!!! I love this web page!!

11/30/2008 This is tremendous. It scaffolds the student through the process of mixed number fraction subtraction in a step-by-step procedure that is easily followed by any student. Only one thing wrong. The term "borrowing" is no longer appropriate in the classroom. Other than that, it is PERFECT!

10/21/2008 This was the key to my learning how to subtract and borrow with fractions! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

10/19/2008 I have been looking for a website to help my daughter with her math, and i found this one through a search engine. I just love the way it explaines step by step, and the hands on. I would love to see more like this. Thank you. maria gonzalez

10/8/2008 WOW! While studying for the math portion of the GED I came to an area I was unfamiliar with. The other math sites I found only confused me more until I found this site. I learned the material I needed to know in literally 5 minutes! I will be adding wisc-online to my "favorites" and telling others! THANK YOU FOR THIS SERVICE :D

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