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Phagocyte Chemotaxis

This animated object illustrates the events leading to the migration of phagocytes into areas of tissue damage and/or bacterial presence. Learners view bacterial cell phagocytosis, its subsequent enzymatic digestion, and exocytosis.
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2/22/2009 Information is too general. Suggestions: more information on the type of chemical mediators. The effect of phagocytosis is not mention, such as O2- and H2O2. Also, the process of pavementing and diapedesis should be included.

1/12/2006 Far too much happening on the screen at one time. Its "our" job to help learners focus their attention. In this animation, allow the learner to "step through" each event from intro statement to chemokine gradient. Kathy Wright

1/11/2006 While, the part wich showed the phagocyte engulfing the bacteria, in animated stages, the ameoba-like movement was not animated. The phagocyte slid, following the arrow. A few stages of animation showing the action described in word would definately have a better impact.

1/10/2006 This is very well done. I can not comment on the technical information being communicated but given that the authors have determined the accuracy, it seems like a very effective and dynamic graphic to enhance memory and concept recognition.

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