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Construction of the Cell Membrane

The student studies the structure of the cell membrane by constructing it using the correct molecules.
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Anatomy and Physiology I

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10/30/2013 At first I was very nervous about using a website to learn about the cell membrane. I was very scared and didnt want to use it. Like many of you, I didnt want to receive false information. However my teacher strongly recommended this website to me. Ever since, I use it daily for study purposes. I recently got a hundred on my test! Thank you guys for changing me from a website fearing boy to a website using man! I will use you in the future! I hope to learn about subatomic particles in the future! Logan Connolly

10/30/2013 This is a GREAT website. I love it... Logan Connolly

10/12/2010 this helped is great deaja chance

12/1/2009 very helpful with the diagrams

11/16/2009 I thouroughly enjoyed this activity. I really think it would be a great lesson for students of all ages.

11/10/2009 this was fascinating and i learned a ton

11/10/2009 This was a very good and i learned so much

10/1/2009 its a great process to let students learn the fun way to grow and love school as much i do my heart is deticated to helping students learn i also have a learning program

8/25/2009 I was very happy with the detail this excerise provided me. It made my lesson more clear. GREAT job!!

6/29/2009 Very good!!!

6/3/2009 I was so deeply impressed by this and the amount of work that it has taken to produce a clear learning tool that makes links in the students minds and my own. Thank you

1/21/2009 I really enjoyed this learning tutorial, it cleared up a lot of my confusion. Thanks

1/6/2009 This was a fun way to learn about cells.

1/6/2009 I liked this slideshow :]

10/17/2008 I found this animation really helpful. And the questions made this activity much more enjoyable. Thanks for doing such a great job! -Kimberley

10/12/2008 Amazing way to understand and learn a difficult topic

10/7/2008 Great activity!!!

9/30/2008 Excellent work. My 4th grader is studing cells in school and this will be a great learning tool for her and it was fun also. We need more people like you that care. barbara fields

7/17/2008 I like the graphics which have been used in it and it is full or information. I would suggest every one to try. Liaquat Ali Bhutto

2/29/2008 This is really fun and everyone should try it!!!

1/24/2008 This web site was the best place everr!!!!!! to visit i LOVED it my friends and i even come here for fun!!!!! =D thanks for making it.

1/17/2008 This is the most helpful interactive demo I have found. I wish my professor would incorporate such simplicity in to lectures.

12/6/2007 i found the tutorial to be up to my staqndards as far as the active presentation of correctly justified information.

12/6/2007 This was a fantastical website for learning more about the cell membrane.

12/5/2007 I really enjoyed learning from this website and doing the activities. Seeing the proteins in motion and color made it so much easier for me to understand what was what. I really thank the people that take the time to put things together like this for people like me, that struggle in school. Love, Jonathan Plaza

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