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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

In this animated activity, learners examine how ground fault circuit interrupters work and why they are an important safety feature.
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2/24/2014 Its wonderful!!! very good and easy to understand how works the GFCI.... Good job!!! RYAN MIJARES

9/26/2013 very good simulation ahmed samy elsayed

12/10/2012 Very good explanation. Kamlesh Jariwala

8/27/2012 liked the animation at the end showing sequence of events. Rick Burgeson

1/11/2012 Very good. I did not know the workings and that it was flux that caused the interruption. Thxs Good job. Ray Hirth

7/8/2011 really helpful. i am a new bie in electrical and this tutorial eases me to learn. suman dari

1/19/2011 This learning object is very well done. It explains GFCI operation in a very visual manner. Don Johnson

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