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Conversions in Nursing Math

Learners quiz themselves on the conversion factors within and between the metric, apothecary, and household systems.
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5/24/2013 This was very helpful and I made flashcards out of the questions! Kelly Powell

1/23/2012 Enjoyed this game. It is helpful with learning the equivalents. Would like to see more, maybe with less roman numerals. Thank you for this site. Tonya McReady

6/12/2009 Very nice site. Very helpful and informative, places things in perspective!!! Thank you very much! Jennifer Walz

3/31/2008 I have really enjoyed and bookmarked this sight for reshers... I love it and have told the world about the sight...

7/11/2007 I really enjoyed this learning object! Its user-friendly, and helpful in memorizing the conversions. It helped me do well on my test!

8/2/2005 This review of the conversions was great for me. I could use the practice, and it also helped with the trying to look through the cards. You know to see whats on the other side for the answer. (lol) It aids you especially when you dont have someone to help you with the flash cards that are given.

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