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Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning: Where Do I Stand?

In this interactive object, instructors use an extensive inventory to assess their beliefs and uses of assessment. The inventory is based on the work of educators supported by the American Association of Higher Education Assessment Forum in 1996.
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3/30/2005 This activity was very educational! I felt that it made me reflect on my own beliefs about teaching and evaluating my students. This activity also gave me a few new ideas on how I should improve or change my methods of assessment.

3/20/2005 I reviewed the assessment instrument and found the information to be a good review of what I remember in college when taking teacher training courses. It was a good review for me. I dont think of the 9 points each time I structure a lesson or are involved in course design but it has become more of an intuitive methodology after so many years. I liked the way it was presented. I think it appears very complete in content and can be easily used to guide as assessment process. I would use to check and make sure I have not forgotten anything when making an assessment instrument.

3/30/2004 I thought it was valuable in focusing attention on the important points to consider as we design, utilize, and improve our assessment portfolios. Thanks!

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