How to Subscribe to an Atom or RSS Feed

You may have wondered about all theRSSRSS andRSSXLM/Atom icons on websites and blogs, much like our very own stamps. 

You may have even clicked on one only to be bombarded with an entire page of code. Don’t worry, you didn’t break anything and, no, you don’t need to become a programmer. You only need to find one line before you have a subscription to meaningful content.

For RSS feeds, you need to copy the link located near the top between <link> and </link>.

For Atom feeds, copy the link located between the <link rel="alternate" href=" and "/>.


Examples of Feed Readers


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no i did not get the proper mean of rss feed. can elaborate

Posted by aticoexport on 9/2/2015 1:49:42 AM

When subscribing to our RSS feed. You won't need to constantly check Wisc-Online for any new content. Your browser will monitor the site and inform you of any updates. More general info on RSS here:

Posted by Tom Thiel on 9/8/2015 9:16:07 AM

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