What is a Learning Object?

What is a Learning Object?

-A Newcomers Perspective

This month our posts will be featuring a variety of perspectives on "what a learning object is." Today we're looking at Learning Objects from a newcomers perspective. How can a learning object help anyone wanting to learn more? At Wisc-Online we value open access to education. We are a community that is passionate about providing exceptional quality open educational resources (OERs) free to everyone.

We partner with faculty members from the Wisconsin Technical College system to create Learning Objects. Our staff of software and multi-media developers then creates useful digital tutors with interactive activities. We utilize instructional designers, editors, writers, software developers, and student interns to create the best possible learning objects.

Fundamentally, a learning object can be an object, a web page, a lesson, or a series of lessons. Each learning object has to be self-contained, reusable, and standardized. They should also be able to be combined to teach a complete lesson.  This is the great advantage to open educational resources.  You can personalize your education.    

Learning Objects should also be easy to use and easy to find. They can’t be used if people can’t find them. Our digital tutors are free to everyone and released under a Creative Commons license so they can be used in any classroom or on-line application.

At Wisc-Online, our open educational resources teach a concept, skill, or process through an interactive presentation. In order to master the concept we often include an activity which checks your understanding. We feel that all of our learning objects should be:

  •          The most basic building block of a lesson or activity
  •          Searchable
  •          Usable in any learning environment
  •          Able to be grouped or to stand alone
  •          Transportable from course to course and program to program

Currently our Wisc-Online digital library contains over 2,600 learning activities. We have over 1 million views per month from around the world. We will continue to create easy to use and easy to find learning objects that help teach new skills. Visit us often to see what else we’ve been working on.

We strongly encourage you to share our Learning Objects with friends or classmates via social media. If you learned something, share it! Your friends will learn something too.

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The Wisc-Online Staff

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