Reducing Your Stress

Reducing Your Stress

It’s getting to be that time of year. Students are just finishing up mid-terms and starting to look to their finals, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both on the horizon which mean large family gatherings, and many businesses are starting to close out their fiscal year. During this time of year we could all use some new techniques for reducing the stress.

Luckily, we have four new learning activities to help you reduce stress.

These four videos were inspired by Vadim Miklailenko at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

These OERs go over many of the ways we can reduce stress in our lives. The root causes learning object includes interactive activities to help you figure out the best ways to respond to stress in your workplace. It offers suggestions to make any office a more pleasant and less stressful environment.

After watching the balanced diet and exercise learning object you will understand how important good diet and exercise are. This may be the most difficult one to apply during this time of year. I know I go from Halloween candy, to Thanksgiving stuffing, to holiday cookies in one leap. You’ll be amazed at how applying small changes to your diet and exercise plans can reduce your daily stress.

During this time of year it’s also important to understand how to break down large goals into smaller ones. Don’t try and do all of your holiday shopping the day before. Instead, break this up into small, manageable chunks. After viewing the setting goals learning object you will have some great new techniques for tackling any size project.

Finally, don’t miss the digital tutorial on volunteerism. Volunteering not only reduces your stress, but many worthy causes are in desperate need for extra help during the holiday season. By volunteering, you will reduce your stress and contribute to your community.

Watching these four learning activities will provide you with some new stress reducing techniques. Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays, working on your end-of-semester projects, or trying to make your office a less stressful environment, there are some great tips for you. It’s always good to have some strategies in mind before your next crisis happens.

Thanks for watching our on-line education resources (OERs) and please drop us a line with any comments or suggestions for new digital tutorials. We’d love to hear from you!

The Wisc-Online Team.



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Thanks for sharing information about the this mental disorder, which is a common nowadays due to the hectic schedule.

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