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Major Muscles of the Human Body

In this interactive object, learners will match the muscle names to their corresponding locations in the human body.
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5/5/2009 I think that it is good. The one thing that I would like to say is that I think it would be helpful to be able to pick the muscles that we need to study, instead of all the muscles, because I found/find it annoying when muscles pop up that I dont want/need to study.

3/8/2009 I like how your web site shows the Muscles of the Front of Human Body. But you are not showing the Muscles of the back of the Human Body. Could you add the Back Muscles and the Muscles of the back of the legs?

12/11/2008 This was so cool! I learned a lot about the muscles and where they are located in the body! I would totally reccomend it to anyone trying to look up muscles.

11/21/2008 I liked the site and I would like to see major muscles of the back of the body

10/10/2008 thank you for this site, im studying for my massage therapy exam it was helpful. do you have any other sites??

6/19/2008 Id like to see the score after completing the exercise.

5/18/2008 this is a great way to keep in touch on your muscles, i have just passed my national exam for massage therapy, I sure dont want to forget where my muscles are while waiting my lmt #, I use this to help study. thanks.

1/1/2008 Very nice, a great help. What about something with insertions and orgins of the human body. Thank you.

11/20/2007 Brachioradialis not brachiosadialis

9/19/2007 This was AWESOME!!! It really helped me in a FUN way!!

9/19/2007 this really helped me study for a test that i needed help in.... thanks to you ipassed the test.

8/4/2006 I really enjoyed this site. I am a personal trainer and found the site to be very educational. I would like to see an short explanation of every muscle instead of just a few. Otherwise the site was great. Have a beautiful day!

3/1/2006 Would like to see a score after completing an exercise to know how well or how poorly I did.

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