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Identification of Lactose Positive and Lactose Negative Bacteria on MacConkey Agar

The student observes the growth of gram negative organisms that are lactose positive or negative.
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12/9/2008 Excellent explanation, to the point. Thank you for the sharing.

9/24/2008 Best and very clear presented topic. Exellent!!!!!!!!

4/25/2008 The presentation is very clear, concise and easy to understand. Youll wish every concept in Microbiology could be illustrated similarly. I checked out many websites and this one is superior.

4/24/2008 Excellent illustrations! Great website for visual learners. Could not have made it easier and more clear to understand.

8/26/2007 I felt this site was very informative and useful. The details were simple and easy to understand and the test and the end were fun and made me feel like I grasped the concepts fully.

2/4/2005 This was a first for me, being very new to using the computer. After I figured it out, it was rather interesting. I liked the pictures to compare neg. and pos. results. The quiz was helpful to see if I understood the information. M. Welch

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