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Ethical Decision Making

In this interactive object, learners read the definitions of terms related to moral and ethical principles. They then use a process to analyze an ethical dilemma in a health care setting.
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7/26/2009 okay I really enjoyed the information on the web site but some of the information was so light that I could not read it. I did not like that part.

2/12/2008 I thought this was a fairly good assignment. It makes a person think about where there could potentially be ethical problems. It is however, only one persons opinion. It would be nice to be able to get a little more feedback on how on or off base the students ideas are.

5/29/2006 This package would be better with more learning material and guidance to students,it would be good for a follow-up as it assumes a good deal of prior knowledge on the topic by the students christine cockayne

5/24/2006 I think it would be better for the student to have everything they need to know in the learning object. To do this LO, you would need to submit answers, that is more like a test, than practicing, or learning new material. Anne Peregrine

5/24/2006 Ive found "Ethical Decision Making" by Sharon Opsahl very helpful not just for nursing but also for other disciplines that involve moral values, problem solving and decision making along with their definitions. I will share this good LO with students in my English critical thinking classes, some of them majoring in nursing. Thanks.

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