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Spring Flowering Bulb Review Game

Play the BeeKeeper game to review information about Spring Flowering Bulbs.

Created Date 09.01.20
Last Updated 09.01.20
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Topics of this game:
  • ______________________ continue to grow when cut and put in water.
  • __________________________ are one of the most fragrant flowers.
  • ___________________________ can survive up to a week when cut and put in water.
  • _________________ have been know to grow through the snow.
  • ___________ _____________________ is a tool used to plant bulbs.
  • You can plant bulbs in ___________________ and ____________________.
  • Lay the bulbs with the _____________ up!
  • The bulbs need good ______________.
  • If bulbs stay in ______________ soil, they will rot and die.
  • Plant in __________________ and not by themselves
  • A rule of thumb is to space bulbs ______ inches apart.
  • Step 3.Twist the bulb planter into the ground until it reaches the top of the ____ ___.
  • Step 5. Put a pinch of ______ _______ in the hole.
  • Step 9. Put 2-3 inches of _____________________ over the planting.
  • A chemical fertilizer used for bulbs
  • This is an organic (natural) fertilizer used for bulbs.
  • Thin, papery covering that protects the leaves.
  • New growth from a bulb.
  • Baby Bulbs
  • ______________________ become the leaves of the plant.
  • Roots grow from this point?
  • These grow from the bottom of the bulb?
  • The plant is dormant (sleeping), but is growing under ground during these months?
  • The plant is budding above ground and roots are getting longer during this month?
  • The bulb is in full bloom during this month?
  • The leaves continue to push up and blooms are starting to show during this month?
  • Leaves are dying back during these months?