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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

You’ve heard about biosecurity but what does it really mean and what should you be doing about it?  Through enjoyable interactive activities in these four modules, you’ll learn about biosecurity concepts, routes of infection and disease transmission, how to identify sources of risk, and prevention strategies you can use to decrease those risks. Learn about economic and animal health implications of preventing livestock diseases as you apply biosecurity protocols with your own animals.

Be the force to create a safer agricultural community by creating and presenting effective educational presentations. By informing others about biosecurity strategies, you’ll become a biosecurity advocate as you spread the word about its importance!

Basic Computer Skills

In this course, each numbered section covers related computer skills divided into Learning Activities and concluded with a test. Begin the course by signing up or signing in to Wisc-Online using the links in the upper-right corner of the page.

You will need to be signed in whenever you are working on the Basic Computer Skills Course. Before starting the Learning Activities, watch the navigation tutorial under Get Started.

Complete the Pre-Assessment Test to help determine which sections you may want to complete to improve your skills in that targeted area.