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Kansas Noxious Weeds

Learn about the noxious weeds in Kansas

Created Date 10.04.18
Last Updated 10.05.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What term refers to any plant growing where it is unwanted?
  • What term refers to any weed species that is introduced into an ecosystem where the species did not occur naturally?
  • A non-indigenous weed is also known as a/an ___ species.
  • What term refers to a weed species that has been declared to have a negative impact on the environment?
  • Which of the following are noxious weeds in Kansas?
  • Which of the following are impacts of non-native, invasive, and noxious weeds?
  • Invasive species are the #___ threat to wildland loss.
  • Noxious, invasive, and alien weeds cost the American agricultural industry nearly 27 ___ each year.
  • True or False: Stafford County has someone specifically trained to fight noxious weeds.