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Goat Game

This fun and easy game is all about the cute and amazing animals called goats!!!

Created Date 11.06.18
Last Updated 11.07.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Small breed and very playful
  • These brown and white goats are mostly market
  • Cows aren't the only ones to make this
  • A goats lifespan is the same as this
  • a baby goat is called this
  • What are multiple goats called
  • where you find goats
  • Two goat breeds
  • do goats have horns
  • A mountain goat weighs
  • mountain goats are found in the
  • goats are very __________ creatures
  • they aren't carnivores they are
  • a male goat is called
  • a female goat
  • goats can jump this high
  • Goats were the first animals domesticated by man in ______
  • when a goat is giving birth it is called
  • a goat can have this many kids per litter
  • this many kids are rare though
  • both male and females have this on their chin
  • goats don't like to get ___ so they seek shelter when it rains
  • unlike humans goats have ______ stomache
  • these are poisonous to goats