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Servsafe Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Servsafe Manager

Created Date 11.29.23
Last Updated 11.29.23
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Topics of this game:
  • What must food handlers do when handling ready to eat food?
  • When delivering food for off-site service, raw poultry must be stored
  • What type of containers should be used to transport food offsite?
  • Food for off-site service should be labeled with reheating and service instructions and
  • How should food in vending machines be dispensed?
  • What is the correct internal temperature for food being hot held for service?
  • At 12:00 p.m. a food handler puts soup in hot holding equipment for lunch service. At 2:00 p.m. the soup's temperature reads 125F. What corrective action should the food handler take?
  • A power outage has left hot TCS food out of temperature control for six hours. What must be done with the food?
  • Why is it hazardous to reheat food with hot holding equipment?
  • Trays of lasagna were removed from hot holding at 135F at 4 p.m. and labeled with a dicard time of 10 p.m. The lasagna was served to guests without temperature control and discarded at 8 p.m. What mistake was made?
  • What is the maximum allowable internal temperature when cold holding TCS food?
  • A food handler has been holding chicken salad for sandwiches in a cold well for seven hours. When they check the temperature of the chicken salad it is 54F. What must the food handler do?
  • TCS food should never be held without temperature control at a
  • With approved procedures in place, how long can cold food be held without temperature control if it does not exceed 70F?
  • Cold food being held without temperature control for up to six hours cannot exceed which temperature while it is being served?
  • Which is a safe practice when handling dishware and utensils?
  • Which item may be re-served to another customer
  • An operation has a buffet with 10 different items on it. How many serving utensils are needed to serve the items on the buffet?
  • How should utensils for serving TCS food be stored during service?
  • Soup that is being hot held on a buffet should be labeled with the