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Pony Club D2: Horses

Saddle Up, Pony Clubber!

Created Date 04.05.19
Last Updated 04.08.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A vet "floats" a horse's teeth in order to
  • Which is NOT a type of bit?
  • A bay horse is
  • A snip appears on the
  • Which is part of the saddle?
  • What is the purpose of the cantle?
  • The SEAT of the saddle should fit
  • What is the most common ROUTINE visit a vet makes to your horse?
  • Which disease can vaccination prevent in a horse?
  • Which is NOT a description of a snaffle bit?
  • A palomino horse
  • Which breed is known for its talent in jumping?
  • Which breed is known for being tough and independent?
  • Which breed is known as a "hot blood"?
  • A "cold blood" horse is known for having ____
  • When riding your horse on a paved road, you should
  • When riding with other riders on the trail, always
  • The purpose of your armband is
  • A common issue with horses' hooves is
  • Horse hooves must be cleaned in order to remove
  • Laminitis can be caused by
  • Laminitis is ALL of these EXCEPT
  • The purpose of a BIT is to
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