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Cooking Terms

Match the term to the correct description.

Created Date 12.11.19
Last Updated 12.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • To cook by dry heat
  • To cook under direct heat
  • Cut in same size and shape cubes
  • Coat with flour or other substance
  • To decorate
  • To combine ingredients by stirring
  • To cook in small amounts of fat
  • To cook by dry heat in an oven
  • Cook in a small amount of hot fat
  • To simmer sloswly for a long time
  • To boil a food to partially cook it
  • Incorporate solid fat into flour
  • To cook over boiling liquid
  • Remove bones from meat or fish
  • Bring a liquid to 212 degrees F
  • To remove the outermost skin
  • Push dough back and forth with palm
  • To cut or tear in long, narrow pieces
  • Mix ingredients in circular motion
  • To combine ingredients with a lifting motion