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Floral Review

Complete the jeopardy game - can be played on a computer or phone

Created Date 05.05.20
Last Updated 05.06.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A triangular pattern with a strong “L-Line”
  • A formal, equilateral triangular design
  • Do not require a focal point.
  • : The design consists of several layers of materials, varying in size and texture to create a flowering effect.
  • Design that consists of clusters or groups of flowers & foliage that strengthens the element of line which moves the eye through the arrangement.
  • An asymmetrically balanced design of few materials usually placed in groups that emphasize forms and lines.
  • A combination of both natural and man made materials in an unnatural manner to create new images.
  • Shorter stems of mass flowers provide a color & focal point near the rim of the container
  • A feature of this style of design is the seasonal compatibility of the plant materials in the design.
  • Contain more than one single focal point.
  • Growers, Wholesalers and Retail Florist must process their flowers.
  • used as primary flowers to establish the skeleton outline height or width of an arrangement.
  • Used to create focal point with unusual and distinctive shapes
  • Are usually single stem with large rounded heads used inside or along the arrangement to fill in.
  • A type of flower used to complete a design
  • Floral Material that has an “airy” look to create the finishing touch.
  • The Storage or shipment of flowers out of water.
  • The Japanese style of floral arrangements characterized by their linear forms.
  • Cutting flowers stems properly and providing proper treatment at any stage of the distribution process.