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Bridge Vocabulary

Engineering stuff.

Created Date 09.25.20
Last Updated 09.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A strong rope, usually made of metal, designed to have great tensile strength and to be used in structures.
  • The geometric center of an area.
  • A body subjected to a push.
  • A force system where all of the forces are applied at a common point on the body or having their lines of action with a common intersection point.
  • A surface or shape exposed by making a straight cut through something at right angles to the axis.
  • Every body or particle continues at a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces acting
  • The change of motion of the body is proportional to the net force imposed on the body and is in the direction of the net force.
  • If one body exerts a force on a second body, then the second body exerts a force on the first body which is equal in magnitude, opposite in direction,
  • A support that prevents translation in any direction.
  • A truss that lies in a single plane often used to support roofs and bridges.
  • The resultant of a system of force is the vector sum of all forces.
  • A support that only prevents a beam from translating in one direction.
  • A physical quantity that has magnitude only.
  • The sense of a vector is the direction of the vector relative to its path and indicated by the location of the arrow.
  • A truss composed of triangles, which will retain its shape even when removed from supports.
  • A condition where there are no net external forces acting upon a particle or rigid body and the body remains at rest or continues at a constant veloci
  • A structure or body which is over-constrained such that there are more unknown supports than there are equations of static equilibrium.
  • Something made up of interdependent parts in a definite pattern of organization, such as trusses, frames, or machines.
  • A body subjected to a pull.
  • A quantity that has both a magnitude and direction.