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Chapter 9 - Planning the Service Area - Snake

Planning the Service Area

Created Date 03.12.21
Last Updated 03.16.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following rooms or spaces is not part of the service area?
  • The kitchen receives the least use of any room in a house.
  • A kitchen that is handicapped accessible may follow the same layout as any other plan.
  • The _____ is located on two walls opposite each other.
  • How deep are standard wall cabinets?
  • In the plan view, base cabinets are shown as object lines.
  • In some climates, _____ can be used as ventilation in the kitchen.
  • A two-car garage door is usually _____ feet wide.
  • Overhead doors, or _____ doors, are available in standard sizes.
  • A turnaround allows a driver to turn a vehicle around when exiting a(n) _____ in order to drive forward onto a street.