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HVACR Electrical Components

Have fun, test your skills concerning HVACR Electrical Components.

Created Date 10.03.09
Last Updated 01.15.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the diaphragm type control used for?
  • What would be the best choice for a pilot flame safety switch?
  • An accordion-type control with a large internal volume that provides a lot of travel is called a _________.
  • Mercury is considered a hazardous material.
  • A heating anticipator is in parallel with the load of the circuit.
  • A thermostat mercury bulb switch is normally fastened to
  • How many mercury bulbs are in a single stage heat single stage cool thermostat?
  • What are the two switches normally found on the thermostat subbase?
  • What is a common application for a two stage heat, single stage cool thermostat?
  • What is the best way to fasten thermostat wire inside the wall?
  • The pull in amperage of a relay coil is ___________
  • Why is the magnetic armature and coil core of a relay made of laminated steel?
  • What type of load is a relay coil?
  • A SPDT relay has one common terminal and ______ out put terminal/s.
  • The N.O. contacts of a relay ________________
  • Temperature overshoot would be an indication that the
  • A ten wrap in the W circuit gives a reading of 4.5 amps. What are you going to set the anticipator to?
  • What actually responds to temperature and moves in a magnetic snap action or mercury bulb thermostat?
  • A PTC thermistor will _______ in resistance if the temperature goes down.
  • A voltmeter reading of 24V between R and W of a thermostat would indicate that
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